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Plotbunny Haven

where fluffy fanged things breed...

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My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

The Plotbunny Haven Theme Song

Welcome all you travelers,
Writers, poets one and all.
You’re probably just passing through
Looking for a place to stall.
We truly know what ails you,
It’s quite plain to see.
It’s a disease we all share
It’s awful we agree.

What is this curse you ask?
Shared by all with imagination
It’s writers block, the fearful thing
Stops the flow of our creation!
Well lucky you who’ve entered here
This haven, perilous and dim
For some creatures oft do linger
Lurking behind each tree limb.

With fangs as sharp as Elvish wit
And eyes as red as rubies
Glowing with malevolence
They’d make anyone’s blood freeze.
Plotbunny is the name so black
That these beasts are called
Bunny you ask? Harmless you think
Watch out, you might get mauled.

For plotbunnies are vicious things
With a desire they cannot slake
They feed on creativity
(In blood also, they will partake.)
If ye seek a cure
For this incurable disease
Find yourself a bunny,
(Make sure it has no fleas)
It does bite, it doesn’t hurt,
Until you realize
The thing isn’t going to let go
Until you sympathize!

Rush to your computer
Sit down upon the chair
Type before it strangles you,
Mutter a short prayer.
You may think it frightening
But when you have appeased it,
You’ve got a damn good story
Thanks to him you must admit.

So, Stranger, if you are not
Too partial to a pen,
Walk carefully, speak softly,
Do not wander here again.

Composed by degozaru, co-founder.